Marketing Isn’t Obvious

One of the biggest mistakes I see made in marketing today, especially for technology product companies, is the assumption that the customer obviously understands the benefits of their product.

Most companies who manufacture goods for the B2B environment are great at telling their audience all the wonderful features their products have. Rarely however, do they discuss the benefits. People don’t buy products because of what they do, they buy them because of what they do for them.

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When you buy an umbrella, you’re not buying a wood handle, water shedding fabric and an unbreakable frame. You’re buying protection. Protection from the rain or sun. If you want to sell something, you have to sell the benefit.

Great marketers like the automotive sector, beverages industry, fast food, etc. have known this for decades, and it is reflected in their advertising.

Now granted, B2B is very different from B2C. However, the next time you put a cut sheet together for your product, don’t assume your audience understands why your new processor, algorithm, connection speed or temperature sensor is great news for them. Tell them about the feature, but also the benefit.

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