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“We understand the pressures to meet expectations, we know how to get you there, as a team.”

You know the term “You can’t see the forest for the trees”. Sometimes an outside set of eyes and ears see things from a different perspective, or hear things in a different way.  At Next Level Group, we have decades of combined experience in SME management. We understand the challenges facing senior management, and the challenges faced by the rest of the team. We can relate to the necessity of communicating plans and visions, the operational challenges that affect market share, meeting sales growth targets and the ever-changing requirements of product engineering. 

We have developed a comprehensive interview process to discover your teams’ root issues. We are adept at building trust with members of your organization which enables us to get the answers you need without folks worrying about why we’re asking. 

Additionally, we know the importance of having a balanced organization- one that is healthy, free of drama and focused on achieving goals.

At the end of the process, we deliver comprehensive reports with recommendations, where necessary, for everything from process improvement, increasing efficiencies, new sales and market tactics and a basic plan to grow your top and bottom line.

Services Include:

  • Detailed assessment of the current state and future goals
  • Assessment of current operational processes and possible improvement
  • Market analysis to determine new opportunities for current products/services
  • Report on where senior management believes improvements could be made
  • Report on where the organization believes improvements could be made
  • Recommendations on how to blend the two perspectives
  • Leadership and executive coaching
  • Team and one-on-one coaching for staff

These services can be combined as a complete package or are available as singular services, depending on your needs and requirements.

Process Evaluation

Market and Opportunity Analysis

Executive and Team Coaching

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