“We’re not consultants, we’re your team members. “


Make informed decisions. Next Level Group helps you do that. Ever wonder why most executive decisions are financial? Because finance has hard data. Numbers don’t lie. Imagine having hard data for your other decisions, like what markets to grow, how to position your products, what your customers will buy from you and how they feel about you. Next Level Group will show you how.


Next Level Group specializes in helping companies achieve top line growth and bottom line efficiency. Sales, Marketing and Operational Management are our areas of expertise. Our services include Business Assessments, Sales and Sales Team Analysis, Plan Development, Leadership Development and New Market Analysis. 

Our Marketing practice offers marketing plan development, product positioning, advertising and collateral development, tradeshow management and staff training. 

Our Market Research practice covers all facets of market research including Foundational Research, Ideation, Testing and Tracking to give you scientific validation that your marketing programs are delivering the results you expect them to. 

Our Data Analytics practice professionals are experts in SQL and database management to deliver reports and perform deep dive analyses of large volumes of your corporate data. We round off our offering with professional coaching for senior management and team members, helping you get the most out of your teams for a healthy, efficient business focused on growth.


Next Level Group was founded in 2016 and has grown to a group of experts in sales and marketing and the data that drives those disciplines.

With over 75 years of combined experience, our team specializes in the root cause for success in your business.
As VP’s, Directors and Managers of sales and marketing, we have experience in management of small, start-up companies as well as global management of billion dollar, Fortune 100 companies. We truly understand the challenges facing small organizations looking to expand in an industry, as well as how to hold on to your position when you are the leader in an industry.

We know that the EPS growth and quarterly earnings strategies required by publicly traded companies are vastly different from those of a smaller organization whose challenges may be brand recognition, attracting top talent and managing explosive growth.

Our approach is simple: we’re not consultants, we’re your team members. We embed ourselves in your processes, your people and your products to understand what makes your organization great, what are your unique challenges and we develop a custom approach to deliver tangible, reportable results.

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